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  • Don’t leave off any bank, checking, savings, brokerage, leases, credit union accounts – or any other assets or any type on your bankruptcy petition.
  • Don’t file if your disposable income is significantly greater than your expenses.
  • Don’t file if you can pay all of your bills as they come due with no problem.
  • Don’t use your credit cards right before filing.
  • Don’t take credit card cash advances right before filing.
  • Don’t use convenience checks right before filing.
  • Don’t make balance transfers on your credit cards right before filing.
  • Don’t give money to family members right before filing (if you must do so for support reasons, discuss with your attorney).
  • Don’t give money to friends right before filing (if you must do so for support reasons, discuss with your attorney).
  • Don’t tell a creditor that you intend to pay them – or that you plan to file bankruptcy.
  • Don’t file if you are about to receive a tax refund or inheritance.
  • Don’t fail to tell your attorney about marriage plans or your spouse’s income. Remember: Your spouse’s income in relevant to any bankruptcy case – including new spouses.
  • Don’t fail to tell your attorney about your small business, sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, LLP, LC, corporation, or hobby, or your cosmetics sales.
  • Don’t purchase a home, real estate, automobile or other expensive item shortly before filing bankruptcy without consulting your attorney.
  • Don’t give expensive gifts or property to anyone; don’t accept expensive gifts of property.
  • Don’t pay more than $600 on any past due bill without discussing with your attorney.
  • Don’t transfer your property to anyone before filing. If you have done so, tell your attorney.
  • Don’t cash out retirement plans or 401k’s – these are protected in most bankruptcy cases; but also add your income and can disqualify you from filing a Chapter 7.
  • Don’t take out a second mortgage shortly before filing – or incur debt in general.
  • Don’t gamble shortly before filing.
  • Don’t go on a spending spree shortly before filing.
  • Don’t hide assets or debts – this is a good way to get your case dismissed … or worse.
  • Don’t take out “payday loans” shortly before filing.
  • Don’t put your money in your children’s bank accounts – this can cause problems with a case.
  • Do not try to hold back and not list a credit card a credit card on your bankruptcy case – you can usually get a secured credit card right after a discharge.
  • Don’t fail to list debts owed to family, friends and/or other “insiders” (as defined under the bankruptcy code).
  • Don’t write bad checks – this can cause problems in a case.
  • Don’t borrow money shortly before filing.
  • Don’t forget to tell your attorney about liens you may have on your home or unpaid judgments that can be avoided.
  • Don’t make major financial decisions and changes without talking to your attorney.
  • Don’t misrepresent facts to your attorney; remember – most issues can be resolved in an ethical and legal manner if discussed early on before filing.
  • Don’t run up your credit cards in advance of filing bankruptcy – this can cause credit cards to be deemed non-dischargable … or worse.
  • Don’t fail to appear at state / superior court hearings, trial or proceedings that have been scheduled even if you have filed; discuss with your attorney.
  • Don’t ignore any lawsuits received during or after the filing of your bankruptcy case; in addition do not ignore any law suits received after a discharge. Be especially concerned if their are any allegations of fraud or other non-discharable debts in a law suit. Discuss with your attorney.
  • Stay in contact with your attorney. Keep your attorney up-to date with your address, phone number and email address.
  • Don’t forget to list all personal guarantees and business debts that you may be responsible for. If you intentionally fail to list a debt – it may be deemed to be non-dischargable.
  • Don’t throw away any of your receipts or statements. Keep records of all charitable donations. The Trustee or Court may want to review these to verify the accuracy of your bankruptcy petition.

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